Contribution Matrix Mapping

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To streamline and standardize the reporting of author contributions in academic publications, the Contributor Roles Taxonomy (CRediT) is a valuable tool. It is a high-level taxonomy, not specific to any academic discipline, and therefore lends itself well to widespread adoption and implementation.

However, this generic nature has a flip side: how specific tasks map onto its categories isn’t always clear. This means that publications reporting on two very similar studies may nonetheless map their constituent tasks onto CRediT roles differently.

comma offers a solution to this by providing means to map contribution matrices onto each other. This enables specification of contribution matrix mappings for specific study types within a discipline, further CRediT’s aim of transparently communicating each contributor’s specific contribution.

However, while on the one hand comma can help to calibrate study contributions so they map onto CRediT consistently, on the other hand, comma also helps mapping CRediT onto other taxonomies. Already, the Contribution Role Ontology has been developed that extends CRediT; in the future, alternative taxonomies will likely surface, too.


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